Los Angeles Poets at Large by Gail Callaghan, LANews/Reviews

Ask Hannah Gerber about her writing style and she readily admits her poems are "domestic, suburban and unashamedly middle class'
In Gerbers world we are constantly recognizing bits and pieces of our lives, insights gleaned from passing thoughts and articulated with luminous compassion. Her poetry travels an elegant, reasoned path between an outright love for the world and a healthy suspiciousness of it at the same time.
Never confounding, heavy-handed or self-possessed, these poems open our eyes once again to the everyday wonders around us; the childs hand in our own, the empty nest fallen, the new life begun.

Ms. Gerber has been published many times in the past twenty years, her poetry appearing regularly in print, online journals and anthologies. Most recently her work was accepted for publication in The Aurora Review, Spring 2006 edition. She is the author of three published collections of poetry, a novel and a guide to writing using Buddhist mindfulness techniques.