An updated bio for SoCal Writers League

What can I tell you? I am the product of a dull and relatively uneventful childhood in Fullerton, California. This was followed by a happy and relatively squandered young adulthood in Austin, Texas where I spent some years working at a non-profit community theatre company. I worked hard and always dreamed of being a writer, but had no idea of how you went about being a writer - or at least the kind of writer I wanted to be: someone who wrote long stories about interesting things, rather than news stories about short-lived events. So I mostly wrote poems about daily living that became my guideposts for how to live and see the world as I got older. In my late 30’s, I moved to Portland, Oregon to raise my  family and to kill some time before the inevitable trek to middle age - and amazingly  became a fairly content housewife and mother there.

We moved to Los Angeles in 2009 kicking and screaming and I’ve been writing tons of research on a handful of novels I am working on. My poetry book sales are not what they should be, but give me 100 years and an inelegant end and I will someday have residuals. These days I do very little actual writing; lots of research, which is the best part anyway as I wait for inspiration to hit me like a big ass jack-hammer. Occasionally I will write and edit for others who are working on their own books and need assistance. I'm in the home stretch now with my latest project; not failing miserably at raising a child and now that she is nine will be moving into my next project; not killing a pre-adolescent. These days I am living in wonderful Newbury Park, California with my husband, Larry Gerber, my daughter Audrey Rochelle.