Recent clients speak out....

Thanks you, Hannah at Ego-Less Editing. I believe I am a much better writer than when we began, and a lot of that is due of you. Your creative input helps me to look at issues with my scripts and process far more then I would have on my own.

Mark Farrell, Books 6-7 in the Old Fire series

Hannah turned a rather dry thesis into something of poetic, as well as intellectual value and brought a real honesty to the work that gave it new life.

Joyce Herman, "The Linguistics of Democratic Theosophies", "Developing Roman Ethos through Language"

Last year I had a microdecectomy on my lower back,
and it's been a hard thing to recover from, but has given my time to finish my novel.
The best advice anyone gave me was to contact you for editing feedback.I'm so glad I didn't wait any longer, so much has been accomplished even in this difficult time for me thanks to you. Lastly I just want to say, Hannah, thank you
for being so kind and understanding, the world would be a better place to
live in if there were more people like you! :)

Chris Reece Parker 'The ABC's of Your Menopause'