My speech to the 1st graders of White Oak on 'Career Day'! I chose to go with 'Poet' that day and here is what I said.


I am a poet and a writer.

I write poetry about how the smallest things in life, things grownups often don’t even see anymore are the most amazing and magical things in the world. I don’t write about space or hurricanes or great romances, I write about a bird feather you find on the ground, or the way my little girl smiles in her sleep or what a perfect peach tastes like with the first bite on a wonderful summers day. I write about little moments in our lives where everything feels very real and very special.

I think kids know all about this and grown-ups forget. I consider it my job to help remind them when they read one of my poems or stories.

Poetry helps us to feel connected to life in an unusual way that often gets forgotten, especially when we are grown up and are so busy with our jobs, and our families and all our responsibilities. It can remind us of how important it is to really stop and see the world around us.

The best poetry doesn’t have to rhyme, or even make sense to anyone but you, but if it comes from your heart and you feel it, then it is something very extraordinary.

Writing lets me be creative, earn some money to help my family and community and to feel like I am a one-of-a-kind person, which is a terrific feeling to have!

I hope you will all explore writing too, keeping journals, or secret diaries or writing letters telling people in your lives how you feel about them.

Sharing your feelings by writing is a very powerful thing to do!

Thanks for listening to me today!