An Austin Poet makes good in the Big D and beyond. Posted by Randall Hoffman,

Poet Hannah Gerber one of the few poets around today who aren't drowning themselves in angst or blood-letting or heavy handed imagery. This poet has been writing in an accessible, amazingly coherent format for years, her work has shown up in literary journals and blogs and at least two other collections of her own. Poetry for real people, her goal of writing honestly and mindfully (as she puts it) is one she has reached again and again, and especially with this collection which focuses on the everyday, nature and parenting. Her new book, 'The Perfection Of Small Birds' can be purchased online(ISBN 1598005383)or at Devorah Leah, A reviewer, June 1, 2006, Avian Poetics abound... in Hannah Gerber's Collected Poems, 'The Perfection Of Small Birds' and it is in this area that she excels. These are lovely poems using simple, understandable language and with this agreeable palette she captures ordinary life in its many forms its pleasures, its strivings, its sadness. It can truly be said that it is not hard to be charmed by Gerber’s sweet poetry, as she pulls back the shades of the humdrum and makes ordinary moments alive and new."